Bill McCoy was the pioneer rum runner of the Prohibition era who became a household name for selling only the best quality unadulterated spirits, known as "The Real McCoy"

In McCoy's Prohibition Tradition®, our multi-award winning suite of 3, 5, and 12 year aged straight rums are unadulterated -- there are no added sweeteners, flavorings, perfumes or chemical stabilizers. The Real McCoy® is small batch artisan crafted by our 4th generation master distiller using only the finest molasses and pure spring water. The rum is batch distilled in a rare combination of column and artisan pot stills, then authentically aged in heavy char American oak ex-bourbon barrels.

100+ Awards Worldwide. Perfect straight or mixed -- it's the Real McCoy®.

Serving Facts*:
Serving size, 80 Proof: 1.5 fl oz (44ml);
Calories: 98; Protein: 0g; Carbs: 0g; Fat: 0g; Sugar: 0g

Serving size, 92 Proof: 1.5 fl oz (44ml);
Calories: 112; Protein: 0g; Carbs: 0g; Fat: 0g; Sugar: 0g

Serving size, 100 Proof: 1.5 fl oz (44ml);
Calories: 122; Protein: 0g; Carbs: 0g; Fat: 0g; Sugar: 0g
Gluten Free, Vegan friendly

Ingredients for 3 Year and all 92+ Proof:
Barbados Spring Water, Rum

Ingredients for 5 & 12 Year, 80 Proof:
Barbados Spring Water, Rum, Natural Caramel Color

NO: Sweeteners, Perfumes, Flavorings, Artificial Colors,
Animal-based Clarifiers, Chemical Stabilizers, Mouthfeel Enhancers or Propylene Glycol.

Why Do Ingredients Matter? - Turning flush from that cocktail? Waking up at 3am? Or just not living our best life the next day? Additives & sweeteners can be mild to severe allergens and/or contribute – a lot! -- to hangovers. If we choose to drink, just like being informed & selective about our food choices, less is more. Drink clean, Drink Real. ;)
See RumGeek for more

*Nutrition & Gluten Free info per Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services, Lexington, KY. Vegan certified by

Fun Fact: In 2020, The Real McCoy became the first internationally-distributed U.S. brand to print Ingredients & Serving Facts on our label.

prohibition tradition®

limited edition 100 proof for the 100th anniversary of prohibition.


The 6000 bottle Prohibition Tradition® Limited Edition is a full 100 Proof in honor of the 100 Year Anniversary of Bill McCoy’s legendary rum running at the beginning of Prohibition in 1920. This single blend marries rums aged for 12 years each in American ex-bourbon & virgin white oak casks.

PROFILE: Elegantly mature character – delicate, yet complex.
Pipe tobacco, charred oak, soft stone fruit & earthy notes.
PALATE: Pronounced honeyed wood, spiced vanilla and caramelized nutmeg with hints of black pepper.
FINISH: Familiar Bourbon styling, rounded, soft & lingering.

How to limited: real top shelf

• Sip straight or on the rocks. Really all we need.
• Up the game on Bourbon/Whiskey with an Old Fashioned, Sour or a Rumhattan.
• Ritzy float in tropical or stemware cocktails like an Old Cuban, Airmail or Daiquiri.
• Topshelf Touch to Tiki As a heated float on cocktails.
• Perfect Pairing in Coffee or Cocoa Cocktails or with Chocolate.
• Great Gifting or Celebration bottle ;)


12 year aged Super premium RUM

authentic tropical bourbon barrel aging for a full 12 years – rivaling a fine whiskey.

*Ideal Straight Sipper*


PROFILE: Exceptionally smooth, mature & balanced, complex wood & spice
NOSE: Buttery oak, earthy notes, spicy dark chocolate
PALATE: Caramel, complex wood & spice notes, orange zest, tobacco hint
FINISH: Soft, structured buttery, peppery spice, hint smoke

How to 12 Year: Keep it Real

• Sip neat or on the rocks – savvy choice solo or alongside appetizers or dessert.
• Go Vintage Bourbon/Whiskey style with an Old Fashioned, Sour or a Rumhattan.
• Stemware Cocktails get ritzy with an Old Cuban, Airmail or Daiquiri.
• Topshelf tropical Or float on punch or swizzle.
• Perfect Pairing in Coffee or Cocoa Cocktails or with Chocolate.
• Great Gifting or Celebration bottle ;)

Aging Fun Fact: At the end of its maturation, The Real McCoy 12 Year may have as little as 36% left in the barrel. A Scotch whisky would need up to 64 years to reach the same amount of “angel’s share” evaporative loss and equivalent barrel interaction. See RumGeek for more


5 year aged premium RUM

Our flagship and a home bar staple

* Sip straight or in premium cocktails *


PROFILE: Soft, smooth, well-balanced, luxurious texture
NOSE: Oak, dried fruit, brown sugar, earth notes, vanilla hints
PALATE: Caramel, toasted almond, buttery cinnamon, bourbon-aged oak
FINISH: Lingering with toasted coconut and hint of tobacco

How to 5 Year: GO REAL CLASSIC

• Sip neat or on the rocks + a twist &/or a splash.
• Go Old School Bourbon/Whiskey Style with an Old Fashioned,
a Sour, a Julep or a Rumhattan. Bust out that muddler!.
• Classic Rum or Soda Cocktails like a Rum & Tonic or a fave pop
mixer + that Mojito or Daiquiri, of course.
• Tiki Up! Or mix a punch or swizzle.
• Hot Toddy or Drizzle over Dessert Like ice cream & nut cake. Add to whipped cream & baking or sauces & bbq.

Aging Fun Fact: The Real McCoy 5 Year is older than most bourbons. See RumGeek for more


3 year aged premium RUM

Authentic Tropical aging followed by single charcoal filtration to remove most barrel color while maintaining complex flavor & aroma.

* Slide into ‘tinis or custom hard seltzer – savory, spicy, sweet or neat *


PROFILE: Smooth & soft with subtle spice & wood notes
NOSE: Bright citrus & floral overtones, vanilla, subtle oak, nutmeg
PALATE: Buttery caramel, hints coconut, toasted caramel & marzipan
FINISH: Long & warm, toasted coconut, buttery

How to 3 Year: get real flexi

• Straight sip / rocks / splash soda + maybe a li’l lemon – like an añejo, but more mature.
• Swap out vodka or gin & try a ‘Tini, Bloody Mary, Hard Seltzer or Negroni with added warmth & complexity – savory or herbal mixes are **chef’s kiss**
• Rum Classics are a given: Daquiri, Mojito, Mule, Hotel Nacional, Presidente, Punch, Swizzle.... Fresh juice & ingredients go a long way.
• Tiki up! Of Course – everyone loves tropical. Or go with retro with that blender drink.
• Homebar Infusions & Liqueurs: Top quality base for Coffee Liqueur, Limrumcello or Barbados Falernum-style, anyone?

Aging Fun Fact: The Real McCoy 3 Year is older than any añejo sipping tequila. See RumGeek for more

Distiller’s Proof

92 proof 50 case custom batch program for retailers

hand labeled with unique batch number

The Real McCoy’s answer to a barrel program, our Distiller’s Proof rum is blended in 50 case small batches and bottled at our Master Distiller’s preferred 92 Proof (46% ABV.) Exclusively available to retailers, each batch blend of Distiller’s Proof comes from a small collection of unique barrels. No two batches are alike, and every bottle is hand-numbered.
In the aging house, each barrel contains a blend of rum mixed from specific percentages of copper pot still and twin-column Coffey still distillates. Pot still distillate has a “heavy” flavor profile compared to the lighter style of distillate from the twin-column still. Therefore, as each individual blend is produced, it will contain either a heavy profile or a more traditional profile, depending on the barrel collection of the unique blend. See RumGeek & videos for more.


The “Traditional” flavor profile of our 5 & 12 Year Aged expressions contains more robust fermentation notes at 46% than the 40% ABV, like vanilla, toasted caramel and honey.

The “Heavy” flavor profile at 46% retains the Traditional flavors, plus has more complexity from the pot still and barrel, like earth, char, wood and spice.

How to distiller’s proof: GET CUSTOM

• Retailers, ask your ‘McCoy Representative.
• Consumers & Event Managers ask your local licensed Retailer.
• Choose from custom “Heavy” or “Traditional” style hand-numbered unique batches.
• Signature Ultra Premium Spirit Option for hotels, restaurants, bars and/or special events & celebrations.
• Individual & Unique - Each 50 case batch is never to be duplicated.