The Real McCoy® is proudly crafted at Foursquare Distillery in Barbados where we support ethical, sustainable practices in every aspect of production.

We use closed-top fermenter tanks to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.  The CO2 captured during fermentation is then used for soft drink carbonation.  During distillation, heat is captured and re-used to minimize energy consumption.  A sophisticated water treatment facility converts effluent into irrigation water and animal feed, so there is no discharging of waste into the environment.

No chemicals, sweeteners or flavorings are added to our rum, and The Real McCoy labels and packaging materials are all made with recycled paper.

Barbados has a highly developed economy with a sophisticated and professional employment base.  Foursquare Distillery treats employees respectfully, with ethical working conditions and competitive wages that lead to numerous career-long and multi-generational employees.